Front-End complete and tunnel sealed

27 Oct 2022

During the October machine shutdown at SESAME, the staff working on the BEATS project finished installing and aligning the Front-End and sealed the junction between the storage ring and beamline. Here is a brief overview in pictures of the works on the tomography beamline at SESAME.

The Motion group installs the cooling circuits on the Front-End.

The cooling circuit is in place:

The Front-End has been aligned and is getting ready for bake-out at 150°C, except for the fast shutter unit, which will bake at 100°C.

Bake-out pumps out any residual air or gas particles from the vacuum circuit enabling unhindered circulation of the beam.


The Safety group finish securing the junction Front-End/Optics hutch (or Storage Ring/beamline) with more than 1 ton of lead shielding. Lead blocks and lead pellets are used to surround the vacuum tube and ensure radiation protection inside the optics hutch. 

The next steps in the construction of the beamline include testing the X-ray source with beam, radiation tests inside the optics hutch and then installing equipment inside the optics hutch.