BEATS meets the public at the CERN Open Days

17 Sep 2019

On 14th and 15th September, BEATS, the future beamline for tomography at SESAME, was presented during the CERN Open Days, in Geneva, Switzerland.

This is the first time CERN has opened its doors to the public since 2013, and more than 80 000 members of the public, from all around the world, showed up for a day of visits, music, activities and hands-on experiments.

On the SESAME stand, visitors could learn how a synchrotron works, with a scale model of part of the storage ring, and also learn more about the science taking place at SESAME now and in the future with a beamline dedicated to tomography.

Many thanks to CERN for this great opportunity to meet the public.

Thanks to the volunteers for sharing their knowledge of SESAME and BEATS over the two days: Miguel Cerqueira Bastos (CERN), Kirstin Colvin (ESRF), Patrick Fassnacht (CERN), Sofian Jahar (SESAME), Jean-Pierre Koutchouk (CERN), Ed Mitchell (ESRF), Emmanuel Tsesmelis (CERN).

The SESAME stand at the CERN Open Days , 14 & 15 September, 2019. ©Colvin/ESRF
Just some of the 3000 volunteers at the CERN Open Days. ©CERN2019