BEATS sees first X-ray beam on sample position

22 Mar 2023

For the first time, an X-ray beam has reached the experimental hutch of the beamline for tomography at SESAME, marking an important milestone in the commissioning of the new beamline.

The beam arrived at the position expected and with the correct beam shape. The success of this operation confirms the good alignment of the transfer line and components inside the experimental hutch.

“Installation of the beamline began last January and this achievement is another major milestone in the BEATS project. It marks the start of commissioning of the optical and experimental equipment and demonstrates the outstanding collaboration of the teams from SESAME and the international consortium”, says Axel Kaprolat, Coordinator of the project.

The "green paper" test shows the beam to be of the right shape and in the right position.

During machine-dedicated time in January 2023, the staff at SESAME successfully directed a first beam of synchrotron light to the front-end and optics hutch of the beamline.

In February, a second period enabled the crew to send the X-ray beam further along the installation to the sample position inside the experimental hutch and carry out radiation safety tests to ensure radiation proofing and personnel safety.

In March, the team evaluated the results of these tests and applied some minor modifications to the radiation shielding of the experimental hutch. The beamline then received the all clear for radiation safety.

The BEATS team can now continue to commission the equipment inside the optics and experimental hutches independently of machine-dedicated time. The beamline is steadily reaching its goals and pushing forward to welcoming its first friendly users before the inauguration of the beamline in June 2023.


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