BEATS signs contract with Jordanian IT experts for computing infrastructure

18 Oct 2021

BEATS has signed a contract with the Jordanian company General Computers & Electronics Co. (GCE) for the supply, installation and commissioning of the computing infrastructure for the tomography beamline at SESAME.

Following a tender exercise launched in April 2021, the company GCE, a leading IT company in the Middle East, was selected by the tender board. The computing package covers the essential computing hardware components, solutions, necessary support and licenses to operate the BEATS beamline, and more precisely:

  • Parallel file system storage with effective storage of 500 TB
  • Computing cluster: Hybrid CPU/GPU cluster
  • Networking based on InfiniBand Switches
  • Writer backend server

GCE represents over 28 high-tech global brands that provide cutting edge IT hardware, software, network & GIS solutions to the Middle East.  GCE also offers services to various sectors such as the government, banking and industrial sectors, universities and educational institutions, health and corporate sectors.

The computing infrastructure for BEATS has been elaborated by the BEATS team working on WP7 – data analysis and management, under the leadership of Charalambos Chrysostomou from BEATS partner The Cyprus Institute.