BEATS starts civil works to make room for beamline

08 Feb 2021

The first civil works have started in the SESAME experimental hall to make space for the BEATS beamline. This week, a team led by Tha’er Abu Hanieh from the SESAME Building and Facilities group demolished part of the existing infrastructure to clear the path for the BEATS experimental hutch and control cabin.

“The SESAME experimental hall did not have the space to accommodate the full length of the BEATS beamline in its original configuration. We are currently remodelling the space by demolishing one lab and two convenience units”, explains Tha’er Abu hanieh.

The floor of the experimental hall will then by refurbished and consolidated with a thick slab of reinforced concrete, strong enough to support and provide stability to the experimental hutch, which is made of lead shielding weighing more than 20 tons.

BEATS beamline scientist, Gianluca Iori, is back at SESAME to follow the works. A year after his arrival on the project, he is delighted to witness these first, very visible, steps in the construction of the beamline at SESAME. “The first step is the demolition, after that the new floor slab will be poured then covered with a final layer of flat epoxy. We will install a new door and one window for the control cabin at the same time. ”