BEATS submits TDR to European Commission

04 Sep 2020

On 31 August, BEATS lived another historic moment in the construction of the beamline for tomography at SESAME. On behalf of WP4, the Project Coordinator, Axel Kaprolat, submitted the Technical Design Report to the European Commission after almost a year in the making.

The TDR writing started in autumn 2019. In January 2020, at the writing retreat meeting in the French mountain resort of Autrans, the team decided to re-shuffle the BEATS schedule to include experimental equipment in detail as well as the radiation protection, moving the delivery date to the end of summer 2020.

Then the world reeled with the pandemic shock and the team went into lockdown, disrupting schedules and raising doubts over the realisation of the report as planned.

Thanks to the deep commitment of the core team from BEATS partners, weekly videoconferences and reinforced communication was set up to coordinate their activities. They delivered by bringing their motivation and skills to the table. The result is a highly sophisticated design for the tomography beamline at SESAME.

We now look forward to entering the procurement phase and then the exciting, and very visual, installation and commissioning phase.

Consult the TDR in PDF form.