#BEATSisReal! Installation of the beamline has started!

25 Aug 2022

Ready, steady ….. install! The BEATS team were in the starting blocks for the SESAME summer machine shutdown this year. August marked the start of installation at the tomography beamline and another exciting chapter in the project. It’s all coming together fast now. Here is an overview of the activities so far.

The Front End arrived after shipment from JJ X-ray in Denmark.

The last time we saw it was during the final tests at JJ X-ray in Denmark before it was shipped.

We opened the crates to reveal the beautiful new Front End, which was lined up outside the storage ring, awaiting installation.

The BEATS motion and mechanics & alignment teams carried out the fiducialization of the refurbished primary slits for the Front-End (received from the ESRF).

And the Motion group set up the motorized axes that will control the X-ray filters on the Front End. They will include aluminium, molybdenum, copper and gold foils.


Stay up to date with our progress and follow the installation on a day-to-day basis on the BEATS twitter account.