Three-pole wiggler for BEATS is installed during SESAME shutdown

21 Sep 2022

Installation of the BEATS beamline continued last week, seeing the wiggler manoeuvred into position and the fitted with the 60cm vacuum vessel. Here is a summary of works carried out last week.

The team dismantled the short straight section inside the storage ring, making room for the wiggler.

Holes are drilled in the floor and grouted in order to anchor the wiggler and Front-End in place.

The source, a 3-pole wiggler, is maneuvered into position.

Then comes first alignment.

The front coils are open and the gap is moved to maximum open position.


The supports are positioned ready for the installation of the 60 cm vacuum vessel.

The Motion and Control groups set up the controls. Green light to install the vacuum chamber with maximum gap open.

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