#WorkingTogether – Meet Ivan Cudin

16 Nov 2020

“I am part of the engineering team of the BEATS project. It is our job to design the beamline layout according to the scientists’ requirements. I also perform thermal and mechanical Front-End Module (FEM) analysis to validate the design of some front-end components. I have always been interested in mechanical engineering and finding the best solutions for construction projects. Since 1996, I have been a volunteer in an association that manages weekend activities and summer holidays for disabled people. I think that living life problems helps me to relativize work problems in a different way, and not let them overwhelm me. With another association, I have also been twice to Africa to help with the construction of ophthalmic hospitals and for the installation of the different systems and devices required.  I was keen to join the BEATS project to get the opportunity to confront different design approaches and to learn from the expertise of others, while sharing my own experience with them. I really enjoy all the collaboration and effective discussions we have. The engineers are open-minded and experienced and come from many different horizons. This project has taught me to have a much more critical approach to technical issues and I try to consider solutions that are not only derived from our own experience, but also from smart ideas, well established in different labs. The distance between our different locations can be an obstacle at times. No doubt, it is one of the difficulties of this project. Everyone is busy on several projects and it can be hard to organise meetings and take decisions rapidly. It takes some stamina to maintain the momentum but I am used to that. Until recently, I was part of the Italian ultra-marathon national team and took part in several world championships. I have stopped the marathons because I had a baby daughter, Noemi, in 2019, and I dedicate any free time I have to her now.”



All photos: ESRF/BEATS Kirstin Colvin

Ivan Cudin holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering, specialised in alternative energies, from the  University of Udine, in Italy. He started his career optimising processes and reducing the environmental impact in a steel making factory. In 2001, he joined Elettra Sincrotrone, initially as an engineer supporting the optical team and the beamlines. After 10 years, he moved to the machine mechanical engineering team where he was involved in the mechanical design and supervision of FERMI (FEL). On top of his work for BEATS, he is currently working on the mechanical design of the new storage ring for the Elettra upgrade programme.