#WorkingTogether: meet Mohammad Al-Najdawi

19 Apr 2021

“I joined SESAME in 2007 and, until last year, I led the Mechanical, Vacuum and Cooling Group, composed of two engineers and four technicians. I am currently working at MAX IV Sweden, however I have been involved in many of the important milestones at SESAME, from the installation of the first stage of the accelerator chain, the microtron, to the commissioning of the first beamlines. My experience of the design installation and commissioning of the XAFS, IR and materials science beamlines at SESAME very logically led me to being involved in the BEATS project, which I joined in 2019. I have worked on the preliminary layout including the main mechanical and vacuum components needed. I enjoy working with people from different light sources, with different experiences and different cultures. Despite all these differences, we are organised and the atmosphere here at SESAME is like being part of a large family. The experience at SESAME, and as well for BEATS, has opened my eyes on all the different ways possible to find the best solution to a problem.  Each person brings their background, culture and experience to the table and it makes for rich discussions and novel solutions. It means you have to listen carefully and think in a different way. Working for BEATS has meant that I have had to travel quite extensively, especially during our technical missions to visit suppliers all over Europe. Some of those trips were exhausting due to technical issues delaying flights and then late night arrivals on an empty stomach. However inconvenient those obstacles, they always made us find a solution together, to turn things around and find a funny side. There was a good solidarity among the team members and those hardships strengthened our bonds. Coming to Sweden has been a big move. Not only is it the first time I have travelled with my family for a long period, but also the weather, culture and extensive responsibilities have brought a big change in my life.  What I like about MAX IV is that it is one of the best and brightest light sources in the world.”


Mohammed Al-Najdawi is Jordanian. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Jordan and a Master’s in Numerical Simulation in Engineering with ANSYS from the Technical University of Madrid (UPM). He joined SESAME in 2007. In 2021, he moved to MAX IV in Sweden as mechanical design team leader.