#WorkingTogether – Meet the people behind the project

08 Nov 2020

End October 2020, the BEATS Technical Design Report (TDR) was approved by the European Commission announcing the start of the procurement and construction phase of the tomography beamline at SESAME.

At this important milestone in the life of the BEATS project, we invite you to meet the people bringing this project to life. The first chapter of this two-part web series called #WorkingTogether will introduce you to some of the main players from the BEATS consortium.

Gain first-hand insight into the BEATS project and learn about this team of highly diverse people from many different countries and professions, all working together to make the tomography beamline at SESAME a success.


Texts and photos by Kirstin Colvin.

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The second part of our series, to be published in 2021, will focus on the people working on the BEATS project and based at SESAME.

Happy reading!