#WorkingTogether@BEATS: meet Iyad Zahran, Radiation Safety Physicist

03 May 2021

“I am new to synchrotron radiation. Before joining SESAME in May 2019, I worked for 22 years at the Ministry of Education in Jordan. I used to write textbooks for the elementary and high school national science and physics curricula. It was a very academic role and I spent my days sitting down, writing and reading. I was looking for a total turnaround, and my life has certainly changed in a big way! I am now a lot more active and my work involves manual activities on a daily basis as well as studying and writing. Here, we are applying science rather than studying the theory of science. The questions that arise are very technical and the people around me are very specialised in their field. SESAME hired me to work on the dosimetry calculations and measurements for the lead shielding for two of the beamlines under construction, BEATS and HESEB.  I especially enjoy the interaction with people from countries as different as Pakistan and Italy for example. The work environment is very different to what I knew before, and it has taught me how to talk to others differently, in a less formal way. The radiation protection community is friendly and people offer their help very easily.  I have learned so much since I joined SESAME. The thing I enjoy the most is working at the computer and doing simulations. When I was studying for my PhD, I used Monte-Carlo simulations for my research. In my new role at SESAME, I am happy to be able to re-use this technique, as well as many other subjects I studied at University”.



Iyad Zahran studied physics at the University of Jordan. He worked for the Jordanian government for many years, compiling the physics and science programmes for elementary and high schools. Iyad joined SESAME in May 2019 as Radiation Safety Physicist. As part of his training at SESAME, he spent two weeks at the INFN in Frascati, Italy, and one month in the Radiation Protection group at ALBA in Barcelona.