#WorkingTogether: meet Tha’er Abu Hanieh, Mechanical Engineer

15 Apr 2021

“I joined SESAME 14 years ago, after I graduated in mechanical engineering. I initially worked on the designs and installations then as a survey and alignment engineer. In 2019, I moved to the Building & Facilities group where I was project manager for the construction of the new guest house. With my experience in this field, the SESAME directors nominated me to lead the infrastructure works for the BEATS beamline. The SESAME experimental hall did not have the space needed to house the whole length of the BEATS beamline  where the detector which is located on a ~1m-long translation table will be placed at a distance of ~ 45.2 m from the source so we needed to modify the building. Earlier this year, we demolished part of the existing infrastructure to clear the path for the BEATS experimental hutch and control cabin. I have really enjoyed the on-site work and follow-up, especially the moment when all the drawings and designs become a reality that you can see and touch. The most difficult part of the job was during the demolition works. It was a risky job and we had strict safety restrictions to respect. We also had to be careful with the noise generated as we were working very close to the users and beamlines in operation. It was also a challenge to stop the dust from the demolition from entering the experimental hall.  I currently work 50% remotely and 50% on site due to the exceptional sanitary situation. When I’m at home, I concentrate on the documentary work, when I’m on site I take care of advancing the physical works needed. I am really proud to be part of the BEATS project and I am eager to see it finished and to see the Middle East using this powerful tool for research.”



Tha’er Abu Hanieh is from Jordan. He studied at the University of Jordan and graduated in 2007 with an honours degree in Mechanical Engineering. He joined SESAME in 2007 and is currently mechanical engineer in the Building & Facilities group.